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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is dedicated to protecting wildlife habitats in the two counties. Our work includes caring for nature reserves, advising landowners, and educating and inspiring adults and children about nature.

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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust protects more wildlife habitats in the two counties than any other national or local charity. We have a successful 50-year history with the support of 28,000 members, and are part of the UK-wide partnership of Wildlife Trusts.

We protect wildlife by:
• working with landowners and farmers to encourage biodiversity on their land
• managing 50 nature reserves as havens for wildlife
• encouraging people to learn about and cherish nature
• working with planning authorities to minimise the impact of development on our local countryside Our aim is to achieve wildlife-rich living landscapes and seas, improving the environment for the wellbeing of people and nature.

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