Make a difference!

The charities we support are very important and whatever the category, we are happy to help those who are truly making a difference to so many lives. With our support at Udonateacar, we hope that we can, in turn, help to raise awareness of the good work they do.
Also, we hope to generate further funds from our campaign, helping those less fortunate.


Customer testimonials

  • "Thank you Udonateacar. Raising funds and profile is the key and this scheme can help many good causes through these channels. "


    Tina DWCT

  • "I was very happy to support The Dave Wellman Cancer Trust, a wonderful concept helping those less fortunate.  Well done Udonateacar."


    Toni Randall

  • "Thanks for such a great and unique service. Happy to help!"


    Ian Christie

  • "I have just recycled my car but I will not hesitate to use Udonate in the future a wonderful idea!"


    John Sawyer

  • "Sophie's Appeal is proud to be one of the first charities to be supported by "


    Mike & Lin