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Our Charity Partner

Your donation will support small, local charities across the UK that are making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in their communities.

UDonateacar has teamed up with national charity Global’s Make Some Noise to support these vital charities whose services are needed more than ever since the Covid pandemic. Global distributes monies raised through a grants process. Grants are awarded to small, local charities that apply for funding and successfully meet the rigorous assessment and qualifying criteria.

The services these charities supply include support for abuse and trauma, bereavement, homelessness, illness, isolation and loneliness, poverty, mental health, disability, carers and lack of opportunity.

In the Southampton area, where UDonateacar is based, the team is looking forward to building relationships at a local level with charities supported by Global’s Make Some Noise. Yellow Door set up to prevent and respond to domestic and sexual abuse; Abby’s Heroes which supports children, teenagers, young adults and their families when diagnosed with cancer; and The Rosemary Foundation providing Hospice at Home care for patients suffering from cancer or other life-threatening conditions. These charities are an outstanding example of the small, local charities supported by Global’s Make Some Noise. You can find more examples across the UK here.
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