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How It Works

What happens to your car?
Silverlake Automotive Recycling, the company that set up and runs UDonateacar, has a 10 acre site in Shedfield, Southampton, classified as an Authorised Treatment Facility and regulated by the Environment Agency. Here, depending on its condition, your car will either be depolluted, destroyed and recycled; dismantled for recycled parts; or prepared for re-sale at auction. Silverlake reduces carbon emissions by recycling 95% of every scrap car it handles. The company dismantles and supplies quality graded and warranty assured recycled car parts like doors, panels and lights. These can be safely used to repair other damaged cars of the same model at a fraction of the cost of new parts and without the carbon emissions it takes to manufacture and transport new parts. Silverlake’s customers include insurers, bodyshops, garages, Local Authorities, Police, Fire & Rescue Services and the general public who can also visit its self-service U-Pick-It yard to safely remove car parts from breakers for themselves.
We make donating your vehicle a breeze.
We are one of the most experienced vehicle salvage / breakers in the UK and we pride ourselves on our good track record.
We cut out the middle-man and we are industry experts, running a professional and quality service.
We own the collection vehicles and the Automotive Treatment Facilities licensed to dispose of "End of Life" vehicles.